1. In the last years I have researched at the University of Graz on the concepts of subjectivity and "unity of consciousness" in Kant and in the philosophy of the 18th Century in general.

2. The most relevant scientific contribution of my career is the publication in 2012 of a wide (historical and systematic) commentary of the chapter in the Critique of Pure Reason, which Kant dedicates to the concepts of modality (the possible, the real, the necessary): The "Postulates of empirical thought in general". This work contains a comprehensive monographic study about modality in the Kantian philosophy. To be considered are in this sense also the numerous publications on my part about the Kantian concepts of modality and about several other aspects of the Kantian philosophy.

3. Another aspect that I consider very important in my research is the confrontation (in my books and articles) with German philosophers of the eighteenth century. I worked in the sense on Leibniz, Wolff, Baumgarten, Meier, Tetens, Lambert, Feder, Kästner, etc. Next year I will talk in München on the philosophy of Christian Garve.

4. Three years ago, in a study on Voltaire and the question of the peace (see bibliography), I have dealt with issues and problems of moral and political philosophy in the French enlightenment. In the last year I have worked on the political philosophy of Dennis Diderot and gave a talk about him in July 2016 in Koeln.

5. Finally, I would like to mention the fact that in the last years, the University of Graz invited me to give some lessons on Derrida and the French contemporary philosophy. I've talked about Derrida and Condillac (on 05/22/14), about its relationship with Lyotard (on 8/11/14). On 13/01/15 I gave a further talk under the title: "Jacques Derrida: Die Aporie – Das Tier – Der Kosmopolitismus" and on 17/10/16 I talk, in a conference dedicated to the human rights, about Derrida, Kant and the question of the international peace.